Legislative Intel as of 1-28-2020

HB 20-1009 Suppressing Court Records of eviction Proceeds.

There is a new amended bill, see attached 

HB 20-1009 new 28th amended .pdf

HB 20-1141 Fees Charged to Tenants by Landlords

No update at this time. No date to be heard in the committee has been scheduled 

HB 20-1141.pdf

HB 20-1134 Interlocutory Appeals in Forcible Entry and Detainer

No updates at this time. No date to be hear din committee has been scheudled

HB 20-1134.pdf

SB 20-108 Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship status

On calendar for today the 28th at 2pm with the Senate Local Government Committee 

SB 20-108.pdf

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